When She Couldn’t Find Her Dog Anywhere. She Remembered Her Favorite Spot…ADORABLE!

Kristin Rhynhart has enjoyed a wonderful life with her pooch named Raven since rescuing the animal a decade ago. Since she brought the dog in, he’s been a very important aspect of her existence. Rhynhart even noted on the social networking site that he fulfilled a void that she previously had in her life.

Rhynhart is also the mother to a little girl named Addison. Addison was enjoying a nap when Rhynhart discovered, much to her dismay, that she just couldn’t locate Raven. She then went to look in her young daughter’s bedroom. That’s when she caught a glimpse of the most adorable and heartwarming sight ever: the sight of her beloved dog Raven cuddled up right next to her toddler as the pair enjoyed a peaceful and serene daytime nap.

The concerned mother had been so worried about Raven’s whereabouts that this sight truly was a delight to her. She had even gone outdoors to look for her sweet pet.

The connection between Raven and Rhynhart’s toddler isn’t exactly a brand new one, however. She posted a photograph on her Facebook page that illustrated Raven lovingly looking on as Addison slept without a care in the world. Addison appeared to have been an infant when the precious shot was snapped.

The video and photograph both serve to prove one truth, and that’s that the connection between dogs and human beings is stronger than anyone can even truly understand. Raven appears to truly love protecting and cherishing the two gals in his life.

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