VIDEO: She Held Her Dead Baby Against Her Bare Chest. What Happened Next…SPEECHLESS

After three years of trying, married couple Kate and David found out they were finally going to get what they wanted, double-fold – Kate was pregnant with twins. In the coming weeks, their excitement grew, but that excitement turned into nervous energy when she went into labor early.

In the delivery room, after Kate gave birth, they were told they had a boy and a girl. But that delight soon turned when the doctor asked if they’d chosen a name for their son.

It was then they were told that their son, Jaime, didn’t make it. Instead of giving up, Kate took her son from the doctor, placed him on her chest, and demanded David strip and join her. They laid there and attempt to use their body heat to warm up the baby.

In that time, they talked to Jaime about his new sister Emily, about his family and about the promises they wanted to keep for his life. Then, Jaime began to move. Although the nurses told them that they needed to say good-bye, they kept holding on. Soon, Jaime opened his eyes and grabbed onto David’s finger.

The warmth saved Jaime’s life. At the age of five, Jaime is healthy, happy young boy with an equally healthy sister and younger brother, Charlie

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