7-Year-Old Girl Says THIS To Bully Who Beat Her Up.Who Shows Up To Protect Her? WOW!

The issue of childhood bullying struck a powerful chord for a local motorcycle club, helping boost the spirits of the seven-year-old girl who had suffered from the problem because of an 11-year-old boy.

First grader Ashley Wastakiewicz had endured bullying from the boy that caused her to stay inside and got bad enough that the boy was charged with assault after Ashley ended up in the hospital. According to her mother Christine, Ashley was taking her bike home when the boy pushed her down and proceeded to kick her and punch her in the face. Those claims were denied by the boy’s mother.

Christine then began an anti-bullying campaign on Facebook entitled “Justice for Ashley,” with the girl posting a video that detailed her plight. James Dingamon was one of many local bikers who noticed the posting and got together with other motorcycle clubs to help give strong support to Ashley.

That support came in the form of dozens of bikers going to her neighborhood ad making a point to show how much they cared about a girl they had never met. They then walked down the street, following Ashley in her scooter, to take the time to visit with the bully. During the brief trip, Ashley indicated that she no longer was fearful of more negative things taking place.

The bikers said that they continue to make sure that Ashley remains safe, while attempting to get the message out about the corrosive effects that can take place with bullying.

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