VIDEO: Doctors Said This Girl With Down Syndrome Would Never Sing. So She Does THIS. Jaw Dropping

In the United States, there are 400,000 people with Down Syndrome. Annually, there are 6,000 such babies born. Statistically, one in every 691 babies are born with this condition. As such, it is the most common birth condition among newborns. One of the conditions of Down Syndrome is how it affects the vocal cords.

You’ve probably met someone with Down Syndrome and noticed how their voice has a distinct nasal sound. This stems from the fact that their vocal cords must put out 100% more energy to pronounce sounds. As a result, people with Down Syndrome cannot sing, but you can’t tell that to Madison Tevlin.

The 12-year-old girl wants to inspire people with her music. So, she learned to sing. In the following video you will witness a marvel: Madison sings “All of Me” by John Legend. In fact, she endured a sinus infection during the recording session. The young lady doesn’t just sing for the sake of it. She has worked intensely on various vocal techniques in order to develop her singing voice despite her physical limitations. This young lady wants to sing and won’t let anything stand in her way.

As you will see, Madison’s hard work paid off. She has a lovely voice that is uniquely hers and profoundly inspiring. Often times, we don’t get to pick our trials and hardships., but we always get choose how we react to those trials. After watching this video, you will likely be inspired to go out and achieve your dreams, which is what Madison wants for everyone.

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