I Thought It Was Dumb She Started Rubbing This Doll With Alcohol. But The Reason For It. Wow

There are plenty of people out there who enjoy restoring old items bought from thrift stores. But Sonia Singh has another passion. She finds old dolls and instead of repainting them to look newer and more attractive, she takes the paint off them to give them a more natural look that makes them appear “human.”

Many believe that doll companies have had a significant impact on how little girls perceive beauty. Barbie has been the subject of controversy for several decades now as many perceive that her body shape is unrealistic. Sonia shows us that almost all the old dolls that she finds wear copious amount of makeup and give little girls everywhere an unrealistic idea of what it means to be “beautiful.”

A video shows how she transforms the dolls. It involves using rubbing alcohol to remove the paint on their faces, which she then carefully repaints to give them a look that is more natural. She also creates various new outfits for the dolls that she receives.

The dolls are then presented to young girls, who seem to enjoy the way they look. The results of her work has been shared on many social media sites and has been picked up by various news outlets, with people applauding her dedication to her craft and the level of skill she shows transforming the dolls. Sonia Singh hopes that her work on the dolls will help girls embrace their natural beauty.

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