VIDEO: Trainer Kicks A Ball At Her Horse, When The Horse Reacts Like This, I Died!

For those not familiar with competitive Equestrian games, it may be possible to consider all horses as being pretty much the same. That could not be further from the truth. A dressage horse is a breed raised to compete. In the days of horseback cavalries, they were selected precisely because of their ability to take orders and execute them with exactness. As far as horses go, the dressage are the nobility and high society of horses.

It is precisely for this reason that the video of the horse called Ficcochino is so entertaining. While the horse is properly trained, all such education goes flying out the door as soon as a large rubber ball is kicked over to it. The horse plays with the ball much as a two-year-old child would play.

No sooner does its trainer send the rubber ball its direction than it lunges over it one of its forelegs bent. The horse then squeezes its jaw against the ball seemingly enjoying the feeling of the elastic toy expanding against its body.

Later on the horse seemingly presses its mouth into the chubby center of the ball. In fact, Ficcochino just can’t seem to get enough of the ball. It even bends down on its forelegs and grips the ball with its jaw as if to squeeze it. Truth be told, if you were to see Ficcochino, it would be in an equestrian competition where he would perform gallantly. Watch this video to see the playful side of this amazing horse.

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