Four Cute Puppies Hop In The Car. But Just Wait Until She Hits Play On The Music. LOL!

Most dogs like being in a car. A group of puppies are no exception when they get inside the car of their owner. One of the puppies decides to do a little something different after getting in the car. When someone talks to a dog, the dog will often tilt his head as if he is listening to everything that is said.

There are five malamutes together in a car when they start paying attention to everything that is said. However, it’s not something the driver is saying. It’s something that is on the radio that gets the dogs to move in unison.

Music is playing in the car, but it’s more of a hypnotic sound. Dogs are trying to identify the different tones when someone is talking. That’s why they tilt their head or bend their ears. They are simply trying to understand what’s being said.

A video of the puppies has been circulated, and there is one of them that seems to be getting into the rhythm of the music more than the others. He is a black and white puppy in the front of the others. He has his tongue sticking out and will turn his head at almost every change of the beat.

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