VIDEO: Annoyed Of People Shaming Moms For Breastfeeding. This Lady Has The Perfect Response. LOL

Breastfeeding in public is gradually becoming more and more acceptable, but there are still many people who see it as disgusting or embarrassing. They act as if it should always be delayed until mom and baby are back home, or at least in a private place.

But as any nursing mom knows, that isn’t always feasible. Nursing in public can already feel awkward to most of us, and it certainly doesn’t help when people refuse to treat it as a normal and healthy part of motherhood.

In this video, one fed-up mom gives her own hilariously sarcastic take on breastfeeding in public. Her arguments are laced with a healthy dose of satire and go over several reasons why moms shouldn’t ever be so scandalously sluttish as to nurse in public.

After all, babies don’t really get so hungry that they can’t wait until you’re home, right? On that note, why do you even need to ever leave your house? Order everything online, and eat takeout for dinner every night!

Did breastfeeding moms really want kids, or did they just want to steal other woman’s husbands by displaying their leaky cleavage in public?

She concludes the video with the hilarious order, “Put your boobs away, ladies! Unless they’re dairy-free… then show ’em off!”

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