Dad’s Been Heartbroken Since He Lost His Dog. But What Happens When He Opens His Door..

Losing an animal is never easy. Mr. Michaels had to deal with the unfortunate event of choosing to euthanize his beloved Maltese, due to health problems. Being devastated, Mr. Michaels was not quite yet ready for another dog to come into his life. Sometimes it takes people more time than others to open their hearts to love another animal companion.

Phillip Michaels, Mr. Michaels’ son, had other ideas in mind, however. Phillip and his mom went to the place where they all had picked out such a sweet little dog fifteen years prior. When looking around the area, Phillip saw a bouncing puppy. When he picked the puppy up, he just knew that this was the puppy that would make his father smile again!

Phillip had videotaped Mr. Michaels’ reaction when he brought the puppy home for his father to first meet. Mr. Michaels’ happiness spilled out of him upon seeing the new puppy. He could not have been more happy.

Puppies have that uncanny ability to turn anyone’s heart even just a little softer! There was quite a bit of softening going on when Mr. Michaels first opened that door to the back of the car where his new puppy was waiting for him.

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