VIDEO: Her One Simple Trick Can Save Any Baby From Choking. This Is A Must See For Anyone

Nonfatal choking on food accounts to 12,400 children patients each year, according to The New York Times. These children are 14 and below, representing about 34 each day who are treated in E.R.

St. John Ambulance is devoted to the training and practice of safe medical first aid. Over 40 percent of parents who spoke to St. John admitted to having witnessed their baby choke. This prompted the organization to question the ability of these parents matters first aid. The findings were shocking as four-fifths did not have an idea of what to do in such situations. To address this grave concern, St. John came up with a brilliant idea on how to rectify the situation. They created a fun, easy-to-follow model of British animation with teachings to the parents on how to save a choking baby.

Four characters in the video below are here to demonstrate to you the correct technique to save a choking child. The four have clearly had enough of being a choking hazard. The four characters are a pen lid, princess, marble, and jelly baby, and the video stars the voices of David Mitchell, David Williams, sir john hurt, and Johnny Vegas. The heart-warming video demonstrates how simple it is to save the life of a choking baby. Kids are a curious creation and like to put everything they grab into their mouth, and the video serves as an awesome resource for such kids.

Whether a parent or not, everyone should watch and share this great video on Facebook.

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