If Bristol Palin Was An Obama, Reporter Claims Fox News Would Shame Her As A Slut

If Bristol Palin Was An Obama, Reporter Claims Fox News Would Shame Her As A Slut

News that Bristol Palin, daughter of former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin, was expecting her second child out of wedlock caused columnist Dan Savage to attack what he perceived as hypocrisy toward the coverage of this situation by Conservative media.

Savage stated that if one of President Obama’s daughters had been in such a predicament, news outlets like Fox News would spent the next few days noting that the Obamas were terrible parents for letting such a thing occur.

Palin, who was scheduled to marry Dakota Meyer in May before the nuptials were abruptly and mysterious cancelled just weeks before the ceremony, has been very vocal in the past about her opposition to gay marriage. That likely serves as a strong basis for Savage’s attitude, since he’s openly gay.

Savage said it was hypocrisy for Palin to advocate that two gays getting married would prevent any children brought into the relationship from being able to experience having both a mother and father.

That’s because Palin didn’t end up marrying the father of her first child, Levi Johnston, and, as noted, called off her wedding to Meyer. However, in the latter case, there’s no indication that Meyer is the father of her child, with some speculating that someone else being involved was the real reason for the cancellation of the wedding.

Other criticism has also followed Palin, since she earned $262,500 a year from Candies shoes to speak on abstinence to audiences across the country.

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