They Notice A Baby Crying For Its Mommy. But What Happens When They Close To Them Both…

Be it man or animal, there is something to be said about the love of a child for its mother. There is also something to be said about the beneficial capacity humans have when it comes to dealing with wild animals.

This video is proof of the power of both. In Gower, South Wales, a beautiful, free-roaming white mare’s hind leg has become entangled in her long mane. She has been rendered incapacitated and stuck on her side. Without human intervention, she is looking at certain death.

Her baby stands next to her, young enough that without his mother to guide him will also die. As members of the Royal Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA UK) rolls onto the scene, the baby can be seen standing protectively over his mother.

It’s a battle of nerves at first, but once the colt sees that the humans are there to help his mother, he responds by giddily running in circles. The mom calms and allows assistance to be rendered. A moment later, all is returned to normal in their world. All thanks to a few decent people. It is a testament to the good of humanity to see this mother restored to health and reunited with her child.

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