Amazing Life Hacks For Your Canine This Summer.

It’s no secret that a Husky enjoys being in colder weather. This man decided to fill a tub with ice to see what his dog would do, and the dog reacts in a way that is nothing short of hilarious.

The tub is actually a small swimming pool that children would use outside. This is a trick that some dog owners can use when they want to make sure their furry friends get outside as much as possible but don’t get too hot as temperatures can get rather high in the summer.

You want to get several bags of ice to pour in the pool. Make sure you don’t get it too full as there won’t be room for the dog to move around. After you have about half the pool filled, let your dog get in and enjoy the coolness of the ice. Soon, the ice will melt, and the dog will be able to splash in the water.

This is a benefit if you need to give the dog a bath anyway. Other ways to keep your dog cool in the summer include putting a piece of ice in the food bowl or freezing toys in a block of ice, giving the dog a treat once he licks the ice cube.