Life Hacks: Amazing Uses For Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is the kitchen essential with more uses than anything else in the kitchen. It can keep home insulated from heat or cold. It can keep the left-overs from spoiling. In short, aluminum foil can be used for pretty much any household chore. However, its household chores are not limited to kitchen and insulation. There are many other unique ways in which it can be used.

In order to remove gunk off the grill – especially after a barbecue party – one can use aluminum foil. To accomplish this task, simply roll the foil into a ball and stretch it against the grates. This would allow you to clean your grill in no time.

Ironing clothes presents another opportunity for using aluminum foil in a creative way. You can use aluminum foil to accelerate this task. You can so by outstretching aluminum foil below the ironing board. Thanks to heat reflection caused by aluminum, your ironing would be done in half the time.

Aluminum foil can help you use the batteries of any size. By adding aluminum foil to the battery, you can use that battery in a device that requires battery of a larger size. This trick can easily resolve all your problems with a remote control. Aluminum foil can truly change your life.

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