This Truck Transforms Into An Incredible Castle. Once You See The Inside? Instant Jealousy

A growing trend has seen storms of people scaling back and living off the grid in eco-friendly, compact homes–and Justin and Jola Siezen has just upped the ante. When traveling, their home resembles a fully functional, normal sized truck. When parked, the truck transforms into a compact castle complete with a kitchen, living and working area, and a sleeping loft that rises above the truck.

The castle-truck is powered using solar-panels, wetback fire, and gas, and collects rainwater from the roof into tanks underneath the truck. Despite it small size, the home has impressive storage space including cupboards and wardrobes, as well as a roof-top balcony with a panoramic view of the outdoors. The house is well-designed, with separate turrets for the composting toilet and the shower and small washing machine.

Every inch of this house was carefully designed by the home owners so that the space is well utilized. Jola even created handmade wallpaper for their sleeping loft using cutouts of music lyrics from old song books. The family’s love of the outdoors was captured in the easy flow of the home and served as a central theme in its design.

This space now serves as the beautiful home for Justin, Jola, and their son Piko and has raised the bar on small space design.

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