VIDEO: They Recorded Her Entire Pregnancy By Taking 1 Photo A Day. This 90 Seconds Is Pure Joy!

A couple recorded their pregnancy with one photo at a time, and turned it into an adorable time-lapse video. They didn’t just record the growth and progress of their child from pregnancy to baby, but also how things changed around them. And they recorded their two other family members, dogs Dunder and Munster, who seem to be just as excited about the baby as they are!

Toward the end of the video the two dogs wait patiently in the nursery for the baby to arrive. When the couple returns with their new son the dogs greet them and the baby to wrap up the heart warming 90 second documentation of this couple’s pregnancy and all the things that went with it.

Another change you get to see take place in the film is how the couple turns a standard, beige colored bedroom into a beautiful nursery for the baby. In the video, after the couple finds out that the baby is a boy they begin to redo the room. They add a blue wall, a crib, and a rocking chair, and you also see them bring baby clothes, a stroller, gifts for the baby, and also more furniture and decorations for the room in and through it.

And the dogs are in almost every frame, watching everything that goes on and joining in on the excitement this couple felt every day for their new son.

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