Jeb Bush Thinks Unwed Mothers Should Be Publicly Shamed

Jeb Bush Thinks Unwed Mothers Should Be Publicly Shamed

In 1995, Jeb Bush made some rather shocking comments in a book he had written entitled “Profiles in Character.” He stated that public shaming would be the best way to deal with women who have children out of wedlock. Bush also made references to a book that was written in 1850 called “The Scarlet Letter.” “The Scarlett Letter” is about a woman who is made to wear a letter A because she got pregnant as the result of adultery.

In his book, Bush talks about how in the past women were shamed for having children out of wedlock. He also says that the public shaming was enough to encourage people to be careful.

Additionally, Bush stated that people who have children out of wedlock set bad examples for others. When people see other people having children out of wedlock, they often feel compelled to do the same thing.

Bush also stated that unwed mothers are not the only ones who need to be shamed. He also stated that the public school system in America and people who abuse welfare need to be publicly shamed also. Jeb Bush is the former governor of Florida and a likely 2016 candidate for president.

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