They Were Having A Rough Time Being In A Nursing Home. Then They Were Given A Free Makeover!

It’s Makeover Day at the nursing home. Boy, are the ladies in for a treat! Cosmeticians, hairdressers, and a camera man suddenly converge on the scene.

Transforming accessories are at the ready. Neon nail polish cheers from the sidelines. Palettes of blush are poised to be brushed. Earrings and bracelets are eager to please. Scarves and hats wait to cap off the styles.

With makeover magic, the years melt away. Sweeps of pink powder camouflage wrinkles. Rosy lipstick lights up pale lips. Eyes shine brightly, framed in blue shadow. Curling wands plump up white wisps of hair. Gnarled, arthritic fingers sport ruby nails.

Annie in a curly red mane is a feisty dame. “I grew up with brothers, so I learned to be tough!”

Next is a change into glittering outfits. Sequins and satins dress up these dolls. Fur stoles and capes lend luxury. Sapphires and pearls add an elegant touch.

A wave of exclamations flows through the rooms:

I’ve got bling!
You’re darling!
I feel like a movie star!

A photo shoot captures each Sweet Adeline. No prompting is needed to coax them to smile.

Now there’s a catwalk to model their fashions. Clapping and cheering, they bubble with joy. Blowing kisses and winking, they’re the essence of charm.

The angels behind this noble endeavor are the “I Am Kindness” volunteers. With gentle hands and generous hearts, they tour Minneapolis, spreading happiness. The group’s first outing was the Mount Olivet Senior Care Center. Thirteen ladies became queens of the day, regaled with love in a heartfelt way.