Bus Driver Noticed Something Very Wrong With A Toddler So He Steps Into Action And Saves His Life

When bus drivers and teachers see children cry in their care, most of them want to do something to help. One bus driver saw a little boy crying, and the first thought was about his shoes.

This bus driver didn’t work for a school system. He was a city driver, and his day stared like any other. The man began picking up people who needed to get to work and other destinations. Soon, he saw a young boy who was a bit tearful. He only had on a pair of red shoes when he got on the bus.

Fortunately, the driver had paid close attention to the news that morning. There was a kidnapping at a local library, and the child matched the description given by reporters. The little boy was with a man who was likely the kidnapper.

Once the man and child were seated, the driver pulled over and said that he needed to search for a bag that was missing. This gave him a chance to see the man closer.

After looking at the child’s shoes and seeing that they were the same ones given in the description, he called police. The man was arrested, and the child was returned safely to his mother.

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