A Stranger Took A Picture Of Her Breastfeeding To Shame Her. Her Response Is Perfect!

A Stranger Took A Picture Of Her Breastfeeding To Shame Her. Her Response Is Perfect!

There has been a rapid shift toward breastfeeding in the United States as mothers – and fathers – have learned of the numerous health benefits natural breast milk has over formula through public health campaigns and their own doctors and nurses.

Indeed, there has been a 20% increase over the past 20 years toward infants being breastfed. Unfortunately, there are still those who have not gotten the message, or having got the message, remain in disapproval. These people are adamant that mothers breastfeeding their own children should be ashamed of that natural process and hide their shame indoors.

This was the tact taken by a would-be shamer who took a photo of a woman breastfeeding her child and posted the photo online. The irony was lost on him, of course, publishing a photo of an infant breastfeeding on very public social media in order to combat public breastfeeding. That picture ended up going viral as those who agreed with the man who took the photo posted ignorant comments lambasting the mother for feeding her child when he was hungry.

These people were largely unaware that breastfeeding is a legal right and mothers are not required to hide in shame in order to feed their infant. The mother in question here was well aware of her rights and took to social media to respond to the man who invaded her child’s privacy. The mother posted an intelligent and lengthy response that laid down the argument that has cemented breastfeeding as a protected right.

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Posted by Conner Kendall on Thursday, May 28, 2015

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