Famous Actor Meets With A Homeless Boy And When He Hears His Wish, He Starts To Cry

In life, everyone has troubles. The Buddhists believe that good and evil, light and darkness, happiness and sorrow are always present at the same time. However, it sometimes is beneficial to see the hardships other people face in order to better appreciate the bounty most Americans enjoy.

Perhaps even some good people may decide to share their wealth with those in need. For Hollywood actor Jack Black, he devotes time to the Red Nose Campaign. This charitable cause takes its name from the iconic nose dawned by clowns. Famous comedians are asked to lend their celebrity status to the cause of helping the 150 million children that are estimated to wander the world’s streets without a home.

As part of the fund raising drive, Black traveled the East African nation of Uganda. It was there he sat on the street beside Felix to learn about the young man’s plight.

Felix has siblings and quite possibly they would help him, but he doesn’t know where they live. He lost contact with them. His sole provider was his mother, but she passed away. In fact, Black commented that the despair was evident in the village he visited.

The man who made audiences laugh in the film “School of Rock” got choked up when speaking with Felix. The actor later learned that the boy dreams of getting an education. The lad rightly believes it is the key to prosperity. Black pointed out that Felix is not asking too much of life when he expresses his desire to get an education. Watch short clip, and see if it also moves you to compassion.