VIDEO: They Make Lasagna Using Pancakes And Bacon. Best New Breakfast Of All-Time!

The unique convergence of pancakes and lasagna as a breakfast option was the idea of an online video of a series entitled, “Eat the Trend,” that lasts just under 10 minutes, and also finds a way to factor in bacon, breakfast sausage, eggs and maple syrup into the recipe.

Starting with the sauce, a half cup of bacon fat that’s melted before then adding a half cup of flour. Four cups of maple syrup are then added to the heating product, and after mixing the batch together for a while, two cups of cream are added until the liquid is boiling. When it’s ready, it will be thick.

Nine eggs are then scrambled, with salt added. The scrambled eggs are then placed in a blender until done.

The sauce is placed at the bottom of a pan and spread around. The chef making it has cut the already-made pancakes into squares, fitting them into the pan so they fill up one entire row. From there, more sauce is added before the breakfast sausage that had been chopped up in a food processor is put on top of that.

The thickened egg mixture is then placed on top of the breakfast sausages, which is then followed by sharp cheddar cheese. The chef notes that pieces of fried chicken or jalapenos can be substituted. More square pieces of pancakes are placed at the top before the sauce, egg mixture, bacon and cheese are added before cooking in the oven for 10 minutes.

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