They Think He’s *Weird* But Then He Blows The Judges Away With His Magic Act

The man known by his stage handle as “Piff the Magic Dragon” walked onto the stage of “America’s Got Talent” ready to thrill both judges and the audience with his magic routine. That said, it hardly appeared that he would be able to accomplish that goal. For starters, he wore a puerile dragon outfit. He is also short. He also looks so disengaged that he quite literally appeared to be genuinely disinterested.

All of that was a clever deception. He starts off his magic act by inviting the tall and lovely German supermodel Heidi Klum to join him for his act. He pulls out a deck of cards and follows that up with a super-sized playing card. He then asks Klum to pick a card at random which she does: the King of Hearts.

Piff then has her autograph the card using a sharpie. After displaying her card, he flashes the super-sized card and claims he predicted she would pick that very same suit out of the deck: the seven of clubs.

It is then he goes about conducting his mind-blowing magic. He begins folding Klum’s card and wipes off her signature from the card. After folding the card once more, he reveals he has rubbed her signature back onto the very same card. If that wasn’t all, the then transforms the suit of the card to be the seven of clubs with her signature still on the card. Watch the video to see the additional tricks he performed. You’ll agree that he deserved every bit of praise he received.