Young Boy Goes Berserk In A Profanity Laden Temper Tantrum

A lot of people say that kids these days are not as well behaved as they were in decades past, and the kid in this video is proof of this. In fact, he throws one of the most appalling temper tantrums that most people will have ever seen.

It is always somewhat disturbing to see a child use profane language, and this one uses all sorts of vulgar language. He is with his parents and another girl or woman in a car. His parents are sitting in the front, while the other two are in the back. The girl, who seems like she may be his sister, is filming him as he is using all sorts of swear words, mostly directed at her. He also hits her while she has the camera on him. The parents are in the front obviously disapproving of the behavior but not really doing anything to stop it either.

People who witness this tantrum may blame the parents for not teaching their child how to behave in a civilized manner. It looks like no one in the car is really well behaved in this particular situation. The girl who is filming the child says that he should be taken to the police station, because now she has evidence that he has assaulted her on her camera.

Many people will watch this video, and whatever problems they have with their own families will seem small. Seeing a scenario like this one could likely make you grateful.

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