These 100-Years-Old BFFs Answer Questions About Pop Culture, Hilarious.

I can only hope that my best friend and I will be BFFs for going on 94 years like these two old ladies, Irene and Alice. Their adorableness was caught on tape by television personality Steve Harvey, who asked them questions about current pop culture and technology.

These ladies were as sharp as tacks. While they may not have recognized everything that Harvey asked about, they had enough answers (or close enough) to make any viewer laugh (and themselves too!).

Topics included twerking, selfies and Justin Bieber (Justin Beaver, the singer in the movies). They had a lovely opinion on all of it, even if they weren’t sure what some things were. But some they did; Irene spoke very seriously about how disappointed she was in the new iPhone operating system, although she reminisced about the one – two – three shuffle dance moves from the old days, and she implied that they must have looked so silly doing it. Just wait till she sees an actual twerk!

Alice didn’t see the point in selfies. She said, “I had enough pictures taken of me, I didn’t have to take my own picture.”

Were you surprised by how much these women knew? Do you agree with their assessment of the baby name “North West?” Watch the clip below and find out.