6-Week-OldScreams Outside This Winn Dixie – And Mom Just Knows Something Is VERY Wrong…

6-Week-OldScreams Outside This Winn Dixie – And Mom Just Knows Something Is VERY Wrong…

When Frank Somerville, KTVU news anchor for Oakland, CA, heard this amazing story, he knew he had to share it. Read this incredible account to find out the plight of Tawny, a young mother in difficult circumstances, and how a complete stranger made a positive difference in her day and in her life.

Ever since Tawny’s ex moved out, life has been a challenge for her and her four young daughters. She and the girls, ages 9, 5, 2, and 6 weeks, have been struggling to make ends meet.

Tawny’s family was in dire need of food one day, so she packed the girls up in her dilapidated vehicle for a trip to the store. Tawny’s truck was riddled with problems, such as a slow leak in one tire, a dead power window motor in the driver’s side window, and an alternator belt that needed to be replaced. When the family left the grocery store, night had fallen and there was a torrential downpour of rain descending on the parking lot. When Tawny put the key in the ignition, nothing happened. To her dismay, she discovered that the battery was dead.

For several hours, they were stuck without help. She had no working phone and no family nearby who could help. Each of the 20 people Tawny implored to give them a jump start simply ignored her desperate pleas. Perhaps they all felt they were too busy to bother with the hassle of helping a total stranger. Tawny felt despair creep over her. It seemed as if no one cared about her or her children.

Finally, this weary family could no longer bear the stress of their situation. The girls went into a full-scale emotional breakdown, and even Tawny couldn’t help the flow of tears that fell from her own eyes. Her only desire was to see that her children were fed, cared for, and tucked safely in bed.

It was at that exact moment when a knock sounded on the passenger side window. It turned out to be a kindhearted 74-year-old gentleman. He offered the bedraggled family a plate of chicken and biscuits from the store deli, as well as some water bottles. Then he informed Tawny that he had already called a tow truck to pick up her vehicle, and that his wife was coming along to drive Tawny and the children back home.

Just as the man had promised, both his wife and the tow truck arrived shortly and the family and their vehicle was safely taken to Tawny’s home. But there’s even more to this good Samaritan story. The next morning the elderly man showed up at Tawny’s door step with a mechanic. He replaced both her alternator and battery, and fixed her broken power window. The man left before the mechanic did. When Tawny asked about setting up a payment plan for the repairs, the mechanic informed her that this compassionate stranger had paid all the repair expenses. He told her that the man had left her with this simple message, “The only payment he wants is for you to never give up and keep being an amazing mom.”

Tawny was so overwhelmed with gratitude that she burst into tears. She told a reporter that this man’s unexpected display of kindness revived her faith. Though she can’t repay the man directly, she plans to pay his good deed forward to someone else in trouble when she has the opportunity.

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