She Stumbles Onto The Stage, But When She Does THIS Everyone’s Jaw Hit The Floor

It can be truly entertaining to watch dancing and singing competitions. Not only is there the spirit of competition, there is also the entertainment of watching all sorts of people with diverse talents showcase what they have to offer. Dytto impressed the audience and judges during the 2015 World Of Dance competition with her skills at “tutting.” This is a relatively unknown dance style, although it has been around since the 1980s and is associated strongly with electronic dance and funk music. The name reflects the inspiration from hieroglyphics and other Egyptian art in the dance moves, and it is the namesake of King Tutankhamun.

In this dance style, individuals use their limbs to create geometric shapes, and it is often done along with popping, which creates a series of movements that resembles robotics.

At the beginning of her performance, what she is doing is quite similar to what you might see from a street performer. However, she makes the routine her own very shortly into it, and she does it so well that it almost looks at times like she was a figure on a computer screen that had been manipulated to move in a very impressive way. She clearly has an excellent sense of rhythm and body awareness, as this particular dance style is all about control and the minute details of the movements.

Dytto is an extremely talented dancer, and we certainly hope that she will be sharing her skills with the public for a long time.

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