VIDEO: She Puts Flour Into Her Coffee Mug. Just A Minute Later It Becomes This And I’m Drooling

The making of so-called mug cakes is done with only a mug, the neceesary ingredients and a microwave oven, and displayed by a chef in an online video.

The video in question lasts just under seven minutes and bills the chef, Gemma Stafford, as “Professional Chef and Bold Baker” for her novel take on the baking of a cake. Her first video garnered more than four million views, with countless viewers offering suggestions and ideas about what to bake next. The publicity over the video even reached the television screen, with a mention on the self-help program, Dr. Oz.

Stafford originally came up with 13 different ideas for cakes as well as cookies, and offers five more in this video. Each of them can be made in the space of a minute.

The first is a banana bread that shows anana, oil, honey and vanilla extract being mixed together. That’s followed by oat flour, baking powder cinnamon and a pinch of salt before again mixing them all together. After adding in frozen blueberries, it then goes into the microwave. Based on Stafford’s model of 1200 watts, the mixture is placed in the microwave for a minute. After it’s finished, additional fresh fruit can be added, such as bananas.

Other recipes for coffee cake, pineapple upside-down cake, strawberry cobbler and nutella are then shown, with Stafford saying that the Nutella was very much requested by her audience.

This follow-up video has been viewed more than 516,000 times by her audience.

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