VIDEO: Never Did I Expect Him To Sound Good. But It’s His Daughter That Left Me Speechless

It is always great to see family singing together, especially when all of the people singing are extremely talented. That is definitely the case with this particular father and daughter, who use Ed Sheeran’s latest hit song, titled “Photograph,” to show off their singing skills and their ability to sing together as well.

The father starts off with a smooth and nice sounding voice, and his daughter, who is just a little girl, is waiting to join in. When she joins in, we see that she has an amazing voice, despite her very young age. The father and daughter get through this song very well, and they both show incredible talent, both in their individual voices and in their ability to sing together and coordinate their voices with one another.

Hopefully, this is not the last that the world has seen of this very talented father daughter duo. They are clearly having a great deal of fun while they are singing, and they are fun to watch as well for anyone who is lucky enough to find the video of them recording their rendition of this hit song.

Ed Sheeran himself would be sure to like their take on his music, and he would be honored to have such a talented father and daughter making a cover of a song that has been made famous already. We definitely hope that this father and daughter do the same with other songs and can’t wait to hear which song they choose next.

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