Man Gives $60,000 Car To Someone He’s Never Met. The Reason Will Leave you In Tears.

When someone buys a car at an auction for several thousand dollars, you might not expect that person to give the keys to someone he has never met. One man did just this when he purchased a car for $60,000.

The man went to an auction where he was able to get the service car of an officer who had died. When the auction was over, those in the room expected him to leave with the car. However, he did something very special.

The officer’s son was at the auction. After the man bought his father’s car, he gave the keys to the son. The officer’s son is proud to have something to drive that was his father’s vehicle. There is a little bit of his father left in his life because of the kindness of a rancher who wanted to do a good deed.

The boy was at the auction because he was planning on trying to get the car on his own. About five years ago, his father was killed in a shootout. When the rancher found out who the boy was, he knew who the car belonged to, handing over the keys as soon as they were given to him.

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