VIDEO: A Cop Saw Him About To Head To His Car With A Pregnant Wife To Sleep. What He Did? WOW

Robert Wood was coming back from Alaska with his family. His family consists of his pregnant wife and their two boys. Since the family hadn’t yet located a place to stay, they tried to save money by parking the car at a Eugene, Oregon park and sleeping there, despite the cold weather.

When the nighttime arrived, however, the park closed. A policeman spotted the car in the park and approached it. He tapped his fingers on the window. Lieutenant David Natt noticed that Wood’s 4 year-old boy was fast asleep on him. He also noticed that expectant wife Heather was snuggling the other son, a 2 year-old. The tender sight stirred up emotion in Lieutenant Natt and motivated him to do a kindly thing. He asked the family if they wanted to stay at a hotel associated with Eugene’s University Fellowship Church. The offer was for two nights total.

This time at the hotel gave Wood and his wife sufficient time to find a temporary place to stay. They decided to stay at a friend’s house while searching for a permanent residence. They were looking for a two-bedroom home in a secure area.

Wood was so grateful for Lieutenant Wood’s generosity that he told everyone he knew the story on the social networking website Facebook. Within seven days or so, the story spread like wildfire on the Internet. Individuals from around the planet were inspired by Lieutenant Wood’s selfless and loving behavior. The best part is that Robert and Heather are considering calling their upcoming child David — if he’s male.

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