VIDEO: These Newborn Kittens Faced Death. But Didn’t. You Have To See Who Saved Them!

There are many reasons why people love cats. They can be friendly, yet they are somewhat independent as well. Kittens are especially adorable, and it is hard not to love them.

However, there are people who can be absolutely heartless towards these innocent animals. Paris and Mocha were two kittens who were only a few days old when their owners abandoned them. The owners just put them in a cardboard box that they left outside of a shelter. The worst part is that it was not even a no kill shelter, but one that euthanized animals. They did not care to make sure that the kittens were okay but just left them to die.

However, volunteers at Cats at the Studio came to the rescue. They received a phone call at 5:30 p.m., and they were told that the kittens were to be euthanized at about 7:00 p.m. that night.

They quickly got to the shelter before it closed and were happy to find that the kittens were still alive and just taking a nap in their cardboard box. They took the kittens, who were fragile at the time. However, now they are two weeks old and getting stronger every day.

When they are 10 weeks old, they will be ready to find loving homes that they can stay in for life. If you have kittens that you cannot take care of, contact a vet or a local rescue rather than abandoning them like these thoughtless owners did.

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