VIDEO: Country Music Star Melts The Hearts Of Everyone In The Room With This Unlikely Duet Guest

Dierks Bentley is an award-winning country artist with a sweet and loving nature that has won the hearts of fans for many years. Bentley tours on a regular basis for months at a time with a young family at home, which would put a strain on anyone’s relationship with their family.

However, fortunately for Bentley, his little daughter Evie seems to have made a habit about coming up on stage to join her father in a duet! Evie recently joined her father onstage for a performance of his song “Thinking of You”, resulting in an adorable interaction between father and daughter.

Despite the amount of time that Bentley spends touring on the road, this was a great family memory that was created betweem the two of them. This is especially evident with Evie’s big solo within 3 minutes of the “Thinking of You” performance!

Although the song is wonderful on its own, the sights and sounds of Evie singing with her father was enough to warm anyone’s heart. Evie might have a bit of difficulty remembering the lyrics from time to time, but this experience might be setting her up for a country music career of her own one day. In fact, there may be a day when Evie and her father are hitting the road together!

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