VIDEO: With Just Two Items, He Makes A Stunning Cake. And One Of Them Is Not What I Expected

If you enjoy baking but have never had much culinary talent, this recipe is for you. It is so simple that you will not believe it. If you have wanted to find an easy recipe for cake, this is it. It could not get more simple than this.

You only need two ingredients for this recipe: cake mix and soda. All you need is 350 milliliters of soda, which amounts to about one can. You can use any flavors of cake mix and soda that you would like, so you can create a huge variety of flavors with these combinations.

All you need to do is pour the box of cake mix into a bowl, and then add in the soda. Mix these ingredients until they are completely combined, free of lumps. Then, grease a springform pan, and then pour the cake and soda batter into the pan. After this, just follow the instructions that are on the cake box in terms of baking, and you will have a delicious cake that took much less time to prepare.

This cake will not rise as much as one that is made with the traditional ingredients, but it will rise about 80% of this amount. In addition, it is just as delicious, and it provides the added benefit of being able to customize the flavor of your cake. This recipe is definitely worth trying out for anyone who is curious to see if it works, and you will be surprised with it.

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