VIDEO: He Tosses Money In His Face. But It Gets Worse. What He Did Next. SICK

The attitude between the wealthy and homeless has been explored for ages, but in an experiment, a man pretending to be homeless sees what appears to be a prosperous businessman walking down the street as he sits against a building.

The businessman is at first stunned when the apparently homeless man gives him money. He then throws the money back at the man, swearing at him in anger by saying, “I don’t need your money, I can buy you.”

The man giving the money does so while holding a sign that reads, “No one has ever become poor from giving.” For the remainder of the five-minute video, the man is shown interacting with people passing by, with some equally hostile toward him.

One woman is shocked when he attempts to give her money, which causes her to give him even more money. The man gets up to give her back the money while explaining that she’s on camera and is part of an experiment.

In one of the interactions near the end of the video, he first attempts to put money in the parking meter for a man. He quickly gets into a discussion with this wealthy individual who proudly shows off the Mercedes-Benz that he drives, who dismisses the act of charity.

The wealthy individual continues to talk about how much money he has, while the man appearing to be homeless sarcastically notes how his wealth doesn’t extend to his treatment of others before walking away in utter disgust.

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