VIDEO: I Thought She Was Laying There Dead, But Seconds Later This Happened And I Gasped

A group of rescuers from Take Me Home Pet found a stray dog named Norah. When they first saw Norah, they thought that she was dead. However, they knew she was alive when they saw her lift up her head. Norah was very afraid. She would not let anyone come close to her. The rescue team continued to watch her and she crossed the street every day.

The rescue group was finally able to catch the dog after they had tried unsuccessfully for a few weeks. They noticed that Norah was a lot thinner. They then discovered that she had nine puppies. Norah had hid her puppies in the bushes of a church called the United House Of Prayer.

The rescue group took Norah and her nine puppies to the shelter. A woman named Rekka has provided foster care for the mother dog and her puppies. Rekka stated that Norah was in pretty rough shape before she was brought to the shelter. She was very thin. She now feels great and are able to play with her puppies and run around. She has also gained some weight.

Rekka says that Norah is a very amazing dog. This story shows how amazing dog rescue can be.

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