This Huge Dog Walks Over To A Set Of Newborns. What Happens Next Had Me Screaming!!

There are so many horror stories about dogs that do not get along well with babies when the babies are brought home. Dogs often get jealous, and they do not know how to deal with the new member of the family. Some of them even become aggressive and can hurt the babies.

For this reason, it is really nice to see stories where dogs like babies. When dogs love the new members of their families, it can meet for some truly adorable moments. This mother wanted to sit outside with her 6 month old twins.

She only meant to sit with them and relax, but the family Goldendoodle had other ideas. He wanted to play. He dropped a ball at the feet of these two babies, as if he was asking them to play fetch with him. Of course, these babies are too young to play fetch with this excited dog, but it is absolutely adorable and hilarious nonetheless. The mother ran for her camera as this was happening, and she posted the video online.

The entire adorable encounter was set to the Austin Powers theme, which made the video all the more entertaining. Even though these babies are not able to play fetch with the dog now, they will definitely be having a lot of fun together in the future. In this case, it is clear that these babies and this dog are eventually going to be best friends. They already have this great furry friend in their corner.

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