He Lies Perfectly Still On A Sword, What He Does Next Blows The Judges Away

James, a magician, decided to show his act to the world. James was competing on the show, “Britain’s Got Talent.” The show is hosted by Simon Cowell and others. Simon Cowell was the long-running host of the show, “American Idol,” until he chose to retire. James knows that Simon Cowell loves magic, and James was more than happy to perform his tricks for Simon.

After introducing himself to the judges and the audience, James began doing his act. First, music began playing, and a handkerchief was swept out of James’s hand. With the audience cheering him on, James began readying himself for his magic trick.

Two other people come onto the stage after James takes out a sword. The sword is placed to stand upright, and James is then lifted in the air by his two assistants. James lays still and straight, and the two assistants hoist him up onto the sword. The sword is firmly in the middle of James’ back, and James begins to spin on the sword. The audience is aghast, thinking that James will ultimately be pierced by the sword. James lies perfectly still for a few moments after he stops spinning.

Suddenly, James slumped downwards, and James is pierced through his chest by the sword. The audience gasps, and many are horrified. Moments later, the two assistants pick James up off of the sword, revealing that James is perfectly fine. The judges and audience react wildly to the amazing magic trick. Simon Cowell was also very impressed.

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