VIDEO: Toddler Threw Her Toy Onto The Floor. What The Beagle Does In Response Is Priceless!

For many people who are bringing home new babies, a real concern can be how the dog will react to the new member of the family. Many dogs are jealous, and some unfortunately even pose a threat to the new baby. For this reason, many people end up giving up their dogs when they find out that they are going to be having babies. However, this is not always necessary, as dogs and babies can be absolutely wonderful friends when trained properly.

Charlie the Beagle and baby Laura Olivia are an example of how well a dog in a baby can get along in a great environment. In this video, they are shown playing together and just being the best of friends. It is absolutely heartwarming to see this, considering all the horror stories about dogs attacking babies. Charlie clearly loves Laura Olivia, and he is so gentle with her.

They are having so much fun playing together, and it is clear that this dog would never hurt this baby. Of course, parents should always supervise dogs and babies playing together, but it is safe to say that this dog is safe for this particular child. This beagle is already a best friend to this little girl, and they will likely only be closer in the years to come. It is great that Laura Olivia already has this great friend looking out for her and loving her.

Dogs and babies can create some truly precious memories for everyone to enjoy.

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