VIDEO: He Asks This 92-Year-Old Woman To Dance. Never Did He Expect THIS To Happen!

When most people think of 92 year old women, they think of tired older ladies who just want to sit and relax. However, this is not the case for 92 year old Phyllis Sues. This woman is so completely into yoga, trapeze, hiking, and other fun physical activities that keep her active, and more importantly, keep her young.

Recently, she has taken up tango, and she decided to share her talents for her 92nd birthday. She decided to put her performance, with her dance partner Anthony Benenati, on video for many people to enjoy. Anthony is also her yoga instructor. She shows the world her performance of the Argentine tango. Even though this woman has arthritis in her spine, she is definitely able to dance, and do it well. She actually looks like a professional dancer, rather than the novice that she is.

This would be impressive in a dancer of any age, but it is absolutely monumental for this 92 year old woman. Many women her age would be reluctant to try new things, but this woman is still grabbing onto life with a force end wanting to get everything she can out of it.

It is truly impressive and inspirational that this woman would be trying all of these new things at this late stage in her life, and doing so well at them to boot. She is definitely an inspiration to us all, and we could definitely learn a great deal from her amazing way of life.

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