VIDEO: She Flexes In Front Of A Stranger. How He Reacts Is Completely Awesome

You probably know what a Kiss Cam is, even if you’ve never been to a sporting event: it’s the camera that shows couples on the Jumbotron to encourage them to lock lips. One Philadelphia stadium uses a fun variant of this camera. The “Flex Cam” pans around the stadium in order to encourage people to flex and then show them on the big screen. Nearly everyone – kids, the elderly, etc. – participates, but the Flex Cam recently caught a particularly hilarious interaction between two fans.

When the flex cam panned over toward a man in the stands, he proudly rolled up his shirt sleeve and then flexed. A woman sitting behind him in the stands looked unimpressed. The camera continued to pan around the stadium. When it came back to her, the man flexed again, revealing muscle mass but little definition.

Then we learned why the woman was so unimpressed – she pulled off her jacket, stood up, flexed, and revealed some incredible muscle definition in her biceps, triceps, and delts.

The man in front of her turned around, saw her superior tone, and smirked sheepishly, looking down as the flex cam operator called out, “You’ve been stoned, my brother!”

The man appeared to be genuinely embarrassed, while the camera operator and many people in the audience got to have a good laugh before the game went on.

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