VIDEO: What Started As A Circle Of Sand, Turned Into Something Very Awesome In Her Backyard

It was one of those “I wish I had thought about doing that” moments. Indeed, the idea of building an awesome fire pit in the back yard is a great idea if a person has the space to do so. However, it’s hardly a revolutionary idea.

Back in the 70s and 80s, people use to buy houses that included a chunk of land called a back yard. They would install pools, patios and fire pits and then spend their days and evenings enjoying the great outdoors.

Much of this mentality has changed over the past few years, but maybe a neighbor like this one will ignite an interest in the retro backyard. As the video shows, the great thing about a project like this is it is affordable. It only takes a trip to the local hardware store, a little imagination and a how-to-guide for those who have forgotten how to make home improvements.

The reaction of neighbors is predictable. Most will look at the outcome with great envy as they look back on years gone by with fond memories. Some of those people will be prompted to follow suit and spruce up their backyards as well. The next thing you know, there are neighborhoods of people drinking beer, cooking hamburgers, roasting marshmallows and hanging out with other neighbors and family members.

All of this might now be possible because this one woman with some time on her hands started laying a dirt foundation in her backyard. That foundation turned out to be a great fire pit and a peek at the possibilities for homeowners.

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