VIDEO: When Daddy Started Filming His Twins He Never Expected This Would Happen

Parents often try to capture the first events in the lives of their children whether it’s on video or through pictures. This father wanted to get his twin’s first steps recorded, but the response that he got from his babies was priceless.

The twins were beginning to pull up so that they could stand, so the father knew that it probably wouldn’t be long before they were taking their first steps. There isn’t a lot of information about the family, but you can see that the father loves his children, and the children enjoy being around their father, even while they are being videotaped.

When the video begins, you can see the twins, with their white shirts on, holding onto the coffee table. The father zooms in to get a better shot of the babies, and one of them starts to laugh. He tries to get the baby to say mama, but the baby seems to want to grab the camera instead.

They start laughing, and they are soon attacking their daddy. They crawl to where he is sitting, climbing up on him so that he can’t move. This is the fun that is shared between twins and between parents who enjoy spending time with their children.

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