All Her Life She Was Called A Fatty. So She Decided To Do Something About It. Her After Photo…

When children are overweight, they sometimes face ridicule from other children in school. One little girl was made fun of, and she was only nine years old. However, she had a transformation that was nothing short of stunning, and it made everyone who called her fatty think again.

The young girl was picked on several times because of her weight. She decided that she had enough, and she wanted to do something about how much she weighed. The girl was almost at 200 pounds when she made the decision to lose weight.

The young girl’s mother was a big supporter in her weight loss, and the rest of her family helped as well. Some of the things that the family did to support her included walking four miles a day with her and changing the way that they ate to include healthy foods.

She soon started to lose weight, and everyone could see a difference in how she looked. During the summer, the young girl was active almost every day. She made even bigger changes to her way of living, and when she returned to school, there were very few people who recognized her. She had reached her goal of 115 pounds, and she knew that it was because of determination and support that she changed her life for the better.

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