I Have Heard This Song A Million Times, But Never Has It Sounded So Amazing. You Need To Watch This

Some songs are wonderful. However, they can also be extremely familiar to us all. This means that those songs often lose some of their emotional weight when we have heard them so many times. Sometimes, this changes when an artist gives a rendition of a familiar song and makes it into something entirely new.

Suddenly, the song is packing a whole lot more emotional wallop. That is exactly what happened when musician Josh Groban performed the song, “Bring Him Home.” This popular song is from the musical Le Miserables. It has been performed literally thousands of times. Yet Groban does something amazing with it.

Groban has had moments of musical brilliance before. His stunning duet with the musician Charlotte Church immediately comes to mind. This man always knows exactly what he is doing with his voice in every performance. What I think made his recent performance of the song “Bring Him Home” so memorable is his choice of musical accompaniment. Instead of opting for a swelling orchestra, Groban opts for a simple piano to complement his powerful and angelic voice. The minimalism of this choice makes the performance utterly fantastic.

What is it that you love about Josh Groban? Is it is musical versatility? Is it his humble demeanor as he casually chats with the audience between songs? Is it his ear for beautiful and simple music like the aforementioned musical arrangement? Let us know! Sound off in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to share Groban’s wonderful voice on social media!

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