When She Setup Her Camera To Film Her Baby, Never Did I Think She’d Capture This Adorable Move!

Some parents like setting up videos in their baby’s room so that they can keep an eye on them while they sleep. This is a good way to give peace of mind to the parents. When one mother sets up a camera with the intentions of watching her baby catch a nap, something else happens that is surprising.

Nap time for most mothers is something that they can’t wait for during the day as it’s a time when they can take a nap or get caught up on housework. This mother planned various dreams for her baby. She found a way to bring them to reality with pictures. One of the scenes is a fairytale world for her baby where she is a princess, and nothing in the world can hurt her.

All she uses is a little fabric and some props. The mom lives in Finland and is a blogger, so she is accustomed to using her imagination. She also likes to tell stories to other children. The mother has recently turned the pictures of her baby’s dreams into two books that parents can read to their children.

This is an extraordinary way to envision what babies might really be dreaming about while they sleep with anything from reading to soaring across the sky.

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