VIDEO: She Was At The Movies When Something Odd Started Playing. Minutes Later She Was Crying

When you go to the movies, there are often previews for other movies that show first. You might not pay attention to them, but there are some people who like to see what will be in theaters in the future. This woman was in for a surprise when one of the previews had a familiar storyline that was rather eerie.

A man and woman met each other while they were working on the set of a movie. It was pretty much love at first sight, and they ended up getting engaged. They began planning their wedding, a dream wedding that they wanted with family and friends.

Unfortunately, the woman found out that she had an aggressive type of cancer. The medical bills started piling up, and they had to postpone the wedding that they wanted for a few years. Her fiancee had a little surprise in store for her, and during the previews of a movie, he planned the wedding that she wanted as it was displayed in the big screen. He left her sitting in the movie theater to watch the preview.

Soon, she realized that it was the story of how they met. When he came back, he asked her to marry him right there in the theater as their family and friends were already in on the surprise.

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