VIDEO: Her New Home Is Just 140 Square Feet, But Once You See The Inside, You’ll Freak Out!

Smaller homes are becoming popular among those who live alone and those who are married. Some people who have children have jumped aboard the small home ship, and they are creating beautiful houses that have the minimal amount of square feet. This woman has a home that is beautiful inside and out, but it only has 140 square feet.

When you see this small house, it appears to look like a ticket booth with a large window. This woman is from the Philippines, but she recently moved to California. She has wanted to live a simple life, and now she has that chance with her home that she has created.

The home sits facing the south so that there isn’t direct sunlight. This helps in heating and cooling the house. The cedar that the home is made of is rot-resistant. Water that is used in the home is recycled. The design of the home shows that you can do so much with such a small area.

There is a small porch and a living area. She has an office that is also used as a guest bedroom. There are compartments everywhere in the home. Her kitchen is a large size with a sink and stove. She has splurged on some things in the home, such as a propane fireplace and a skylight loft.

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