VIDEO: I Thought This Truck Looked Weird, But Never Did I Imagine What It Was Able To Do!

This red and brown RV doesn’t look like much, but once it takes an exit off the highway and finds a good parking spot, it transforms into something magical.

The latest in the worldwide trend of small houses, the truck unfolds into a castle! The interior is laid out meticulously to take advantage of every available square inch, and it features every room you’d need: a bathroom, kitchen and shower. There’s also a rooftop bath, a dreamy place to enjoy summer nights.

This truck-turned-castle is only the latest in the growing popularity of insanely tiny houses. By scaling back and living on the small side, people are discovering how much money they can save and how they can reduce their impact on their environment. Plus, having a house on wheels affords the owners of this itty-bitty castle all the freedom they need to travel.

Can you imagine yourself moving into a dwelling this size? At first it seems limiting, but this transforming castle illustrates just how luxurious and freeing it can be. Even though these kinds of houses take advantage of just a few square feet, they’re unquestionably comfortable. What do you think about the tiny house movement, and this magnificent castle?

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