VIDEO: When She Starts Singing, She Hits A Note No One Thought Possible. SO AMAZING

It is always entertaining to watch people sing on stage. There is such a variety of voices and talents that people display that it never gets old. It is particularly nice for some people to watch young children sing, as they can be even more impressive, considering that they have had so little time to perfect their vocal talents.

Celine Tam looks like a normal little girl on the outside. However, when you start to hear her sing, you will see that she is anything but ordinary.

“You Raise Me Up” is a beautiful song that has been around for a long time, but it only became really well-known when the famous Josh Groban gave his rendition of it to the world. Celine Tam sings this song on stage, and when she does, she just absolutely wows everyone.

Just a few notes of the song show what an astounding amount of talent this young child has. She really impressed everyone who was there to hear the performance, including the panel of judges and the entire audience. Even though she is very young, it is already obvious that she has what it takes to be an absolutely amazing singer.

Her performance is remarkable no matter what, but it is even more impressive considering her very young age. We definitely hope to see and hear more of these amazing performances from little Celine Tam in the years to come. If she continues to sing, it is clear that she is going places.

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